#516 Tanja Tischewitsch is a fucking sexy German babe

Tanja Tischewitsch is a fucking sexy German babe, actually she is not every German, she is half indian, half Ukraine, a very sexy combination as it looks. She is a small celeb in Germany, just like the very small version of Paris Hilton, nobody know why she is there, but she is. However, compared to Paris, we think that this latin looking babe is a lot sexier. She got a extremely hot face even without makeup, she got a set of absolutely awesome breasts and also the rest of her body is just perfect, google her for more pictures, it is absolutely worth it!

ACHTUNG: SPERRFRIST FÜR ALLE MEDIEN BIS FR., 23. JANUAR 2015, 23.59 UHR !!!    Tag 8 - Schatzsuche 4. Tanja Tischewitsch tritt zur Schatzsuche "Wasser marsch" an.   Verwendung der Bilder für Online-Medien ausschließlich mit folgender Verlinkung:"Alle Infos zu "Ich bin ein Star - Holt mich hier raus!" im Special bei RTL.de: www.rtl.de/cms/sendungen/ich-bin-ein-star.html