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As you probably have already seen, we added adverts to our 4 blog sites and also in our specific post sites. We don´t want to earn money for us, 100% of the earnings will be reinvested for better and faster hosting plans to make our work easier and your experience on our website better, so please don´t judge us for adding those banners to sixstarpix.com.

If you like our content and you want to help us you can do that now, just click on the adverts you like, that’s the way you can “donate” a tiny bit of money for the work we do, but again 100% will be reinvested.

By now we don´t have that many visitors a day, we couldn´t even pay our current hosting plan if everyone would click on an advert, so another way to help us is adding us to your circles on google+, following us on twitter, like us on Facebook, bookmark our website or just tell other peoples in forums or personally about our website, of course only if you like our content. 🙂

Another request, for all those people who use adblock-plugins or anything else to surf advert-free trough the internet, please deactivate that software in order to help us.

Thank you very much.

Your Sixstarpix.com Team

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