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We, the team of sixstarpix.com, want to welcome you on our Erotic-Website, this is our very first project so please be patient with us.


On this website we want to offer you the best erotic pictures in categories “HQ” “MILF” and “SELFIE” which we randomly found in the internet                                                                                               ( Other Blogs, Google Images, Instagram, Facebook, …. ).

In these categories we will only post 1 picture per day, we think it´s not needed to just put thousands of files online, we want to show you our favorites!


You can also send us your favorite pictures and we will post them if they are good.

Please send pictures to: pictures@sixstarpix.com


In case that one of the pictures is your´s/you’re the copyright owner, please get in touch with us and we will remove the picture(s) immediately, due to the fact that we take the pictures from various sources, this is likely to happen sometime and we are sorry about that.

Please send mails to: copyright@sixstarpix.com


Please excuse spelling errors, english is not our native language, but if you could give us a hint, we would greatly appreciate that 🙂



Your sixstarpix.com Team